Dr. Leila Magistrado Martinez
June 15, 2023

UCR SOM Alumna Makes a Life-Saving Assist

Leila Magistrado Martinez, a member of the class of 2017 jumps to aid a fallen guest at Riverside Woman's Club Doctor's Corner Symposium

Author: UCR SOM Staff
June 15, 2023

UC Riverside School of Medicine alumna Leila Magistrado Martinez, MD (UCR SOM Class of 2017), proved her dedication to saving lives when she sprang into action during the Doctor’s Corner Woman’s Symposium at the Riverside Woman's Club on May 27, 2023. According to Desiree K. Reedus, MD, MS, FACC, the host and organizer of the Doctor’s Corner program event honoring female pioneers in medicine, took an unexpected turn when a club member collapsed near the speakers' podium.

Magistrado Martinez, who is an ob-gyn with the Raincross Women’s Medical Group in Riverside and who participated in one of the first Doctor’s Corner events as a first-year medical student in 2013, immediately rushed to the aid of the fallen member. Working with Reedus, she assessed the situation, quickly taking vital signs and providing immediate care. The member was taken by paramedics to the emergency room and was later discharged in stable condition.

“Not only was she clinically sound, a demonstration of the good education she received from UCR SOM, she also showed great concern and compassion for the patient,” Reedus said. “She also demonstrated one of the best qualities of a physician: Even though she was on call, she was dedicated, and understood the principle of showing up, and in turn supporting her community. The life of a good doctor.”

The incident served as a reminder of the sacrifices and selflessness inherent in the medical profession. Magistrado Martinez's swift and decisive actions highlighted the crucial role doctors play in saving lives. Her performance at the event not only made the UCR Doctor's Corner and UCR Medical School proud but also left a lasting impression on the community.